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Nice Cloud Mining photos

January 16th, 2018 | by BTC News
Nice Cloud Mining photos

A few nice cloud mining images I found:

cloud mining
Image by PiConsti
I played araound with a Picture from a Bücker Bü-131B Jungmann, shot at the Flightmeeting Wittinsburg (CH). (Aircraft reg.: F-AZVK / built: 1935 / Pilot: Antony Bézard)
Used 3d Objects from
The aircraft, smoke and the clouds are original…

Baker County Tourism – 24233
cloud mining
Image by Base Camp Baker
Sunset Along the Elkhorn Scenic Byway in Baker County Oregon
A Spectacular sunset along the Elkhorn Scenic Byway watching the sun set over the Elkhorn Mountains from the Baker Valley

The Elkhorn Scenic Byway is an Oregon state and National Forest designated scenic byway, and one of three that intersect in Baker City Oregon. The 106-mile loop beginning and ending in Baker City, takes you through the Elkhorn Mountains; a country rich in scenery, history, geology, and natural resources.

Special points of interest include gold mining operations and ghost towns, the historic Sumpter Valley Railroad, and Sumpter Valley Dredge State Heritage Area, and Anthony Lakes Ski Area and campground.

The diverse geography and habitat along the byway are ideal for wildlife watching. Throughout the year visitors can see a wide variety of wildlife including deer, elk, antelope and a variety of birds particularly hawks, and other birds of prey. Less common but just as exciting are the occasional moose, and black bears. Birding enthusiasts can see more than 300 bird species throughout Baker County.

For more information about the Elkhorn Scenic Byway or other Baker County Scenic byways and back roads visit the Baker County Tourism website at

Paint Paint Paint
cloud mining
Image by cubedude27
The weather station on the hill behind Mines being painted. somewhere around 1000 pictures. little more. also i don’t know how to add any effects in quicktime, so the video has 0 finish to it.

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