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Alien Place.

January 16th, 2018 | by BTC News
Alien Place.

A few nice cloud mining images I found:

Alien Place.
cloud mining
Image by a_brlnr
Like the image? Here’s my favourites.

This is a manual labor mining site, called “Kiawah Ijen” in East Java. It’s a small area inside the crater. To the right lies the world’s largest acid lake, as acidic as battery acid.

Around 200 workers are making their living here. With the price for the sulfur, and the tipps from the people taking photos, they make roughly 3 times as much as they could do farming on a field.

The white smoke are toxic volcanic gases escaping from small region of the active volcano, inside the crater. In the background is the crater lake comprised of sulfuric acid.

Ceramic pipes allow the gases to condense and cool into solid sulfur, which is then broken into pieces to be harvested.

The gases make breathing impossible. Most of the workers are fully exposed to them, only covering their face with a damp cloth. The wind turns quickly, which leads to full immersion in the gas again, and again. The miners then close their eyes, hold their breath, until the air becomes breathable again.

They load the broken pieces into baskets, weighing then more than 80 kg, to carry the sulfur 1 km up to the crater rim. From there, they continue to the next village down 3 km, to sell the harvest for around 10$ per load, twice a day.

Lake Valley
cloud mining
Image by BLM New Mexico
The mining town of Lake Valley was founded in 1878 after silver was discovered. Almost overnight, the small frontier town blossomed into a major settlement with a population of 4,000 people. Today, silver mining has played out and all that remains is a ghost town. Visitors can enjoy a self-guided, interpretive walking tour. (

cloud mining
Image by daniel_dimarco

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