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Nice Bitcoin Chart photos

November 30th, 2017 | by BTC News
Nice Bitcoin Chart photos

A few nice bitcoin chart images I found:

I randomly pick a spot in the enormous gate 67 area (flight to Lisbon) and wound up sitting by a guy from Lawrence, Kansas, Blake, who went to UMKC and is now spending 3 months in Europe thanks to his Bitcoin. Bitcoin is off the charts right now. The othe
bitcoin chart
Image by LauraGilchrist4
via Instagram

Gorilla: Bushman
bitcoin chart
Image by W i l l a r d
This is a tribute to Bushman who lived at the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago (IL), United States from 1930 to 1951.

Cited sources & more information:
The Ark in the Park: The Story of Lincoln Park Zoo (published in 2003, excerpts on Google Books)
– Chicago Tribune: Bushman comes to Chicago
– Bitcoin Gorilla: Remembering Bushman – A North American Icon (with photos)
– Daily Mail: 92-year-old woman visits the gorilla she cared for as a girl (with photos)
– Chicago Sun Times: Winifred Hope Smith’s childhood friend, her dying comfort (page defunct), quoted on Google Groups and on stainless steel earring

See more charts and family trees on Gorilla Genealogy.

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