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Nice Mining Pool photos

April 2nd, 2017 | by BTC News
Nice Mining Pool photos

Check out these mining pool images:

“Google+ for normal humans” / SML.20121228.GooglePlus.Humans.Usability.Research.Opinions
mining pool
Image by See-ming Lee 李思明 SML
“Google+ for normal humans”

SML Opinions:
A month ago I signed my dad up for a Gmail account. Since Google+ is very integrated to Gmail, he in turn started using Google+ and comment on my posts without me ever even telling him about it. (Which is a pretty good success metric for Google UX Team’s effort—you rock!)

Meanwhile, my dad doesn’t use any social media — although as a scholar he studies social media and does social media data mining for market analysis. (Sometimes people in academia are very weird and I don’t really understand them but trust that I have first-hand experience interacting with them daily…)

Anyhow, the interesting tidbits I learn from this is that I am obviously not human. As such I rely on my large pool of human relatives to learn about user behavior. Now that I am back in Hong Kong it is a true usability testing gold mine because my family is filled with people who have used computers for years but do not use the net the way I do. Previously in New York this types of humans are very hard to find.

/ SML.20121228.GooglePlus.Humans.Usability.Research.Opinions
/ #smlscreenshots #ccby #smlgoogleplus #smlnet #smlresearch #smlopinions #smluniverse #smldata #smlfamily
/ #Google #socialmedia #GooglePlus #Gmail #UX #UserExperience #Usability #opinions #research #humans #HongKong #NewYork #people #testing #data #samples

mining pool
Image by tjabeljan

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