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What’s With BitGold’s Platform? Don’t Be the Last To Know!

March 24th, 2017 | by BTC News
What’s With BitGold’s Platform? Don’t Be the Last To Know!
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by antwerpenR

What’s With BitGold’s Platform? Don’t Be the Last To Know!

It has been centuries since the beginning of transforming our societies to a liberal, industrial, modern society from the traditional, secluded, rural one. And since then, we can see from our history that there had been continuous processes and changes that we vigorously adapt or do to achieve that modernization, which we cannot deny is always connected to our economic condition. Nevertheless, despite of the many breakthroughs that we have already achieved through this modernization, there is no stopping there because it’s actually a constant and unrestricted process. Taking part with the innovation for the world’s financial industry is the rise of the digital currencies and BitGold is one of these.
But why BitGold’s platform is making noises among its users and non users? Well, for starters, BitGold is not the same as bitcoin which has existed years ago. At BitGold, the company enables its users the ability to receive and send gold as payment between any of the BitGold users without fees. Since the company also provides a BitGold prepaid debit card, it allows users to do spending from a BitGold account anywhere possible. Unlike bitcoin, BitGold’s transaction is more secured and the user enjoys the privacy of managing his or her account.
With most of the non users at the moment, they are being skeptical accepting such change in the means of exchange in daily basis. However, that is understandable because it is indeed a drastic change on how things work in our traditional ways. What many of the public still haven’t realized yet is that using digital currency like what BitGold is having is now safer to take hold of which means you can manage your finances better. Users are no longer needed to have valuable amount of cold cash in their pockets to go shopping or purchasing anything. And with a BitGold account, it is now easier to convert your gold to any monetary currency that is needed. Also, with the bank account and credit card included in the package on opening an account with BitGold, it is indeed an advantage now to travel across the world without the need of worrying if you have enough cash to spend. Given the fact that major credit cards are widely accepted over the world and as long as there is a POS (point of sale), there will be nothing left to do except to fully enjoy such moments.
Aside from the said perks that one can get on having BitGold, the top of it is of course the acquiring and storing of physical gold in the most at ease, accessible and safer way. And lastly, through promoting BitGold platform to friends and families across the world, it is also an opportunity for the user to be a part of the company’s revenue share program by being an affiliate. It’s like earning extra money for just sharing your experience with using BitGold to others and encouraging them to try it themselves.
Are you open-minded? Do you want a stress free handling of your finances at anytime, anywhere? Are you ready to take a step for advancement in the modern world? Don’t let yourself get left behind with such great opportunity! As what has been said a negative mind, will not get you a positive life. No venture means no gain.

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