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Trend and impact of IT video surveillance

March 25th, 2017 | by BTC News
Trend and impact of IT video surveillance
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by Nicholas_T

Trend and impact of IT video surveillance

Video surveillance technology it is reflected in the video image of the remote transmission is highly dependent on the Internet. After storing the video data is compressed analog-digital conversion and stored on the hard disk. Especially network monitoring system usually requires a powerful monitoring platform for control, schedule management, its hardware and software it uses a lot of technology. With HD surveillance technology, integrated, intelligent development, surveillance video mass of information transmission, storage, applications, video analysis technology, cloud computing, cloud storage and large data which it cutting-edge technology is profoundly affecting the video surveillance technology development of. Cloud computing to distributed network-based, user data storage and computing are on the “cloud” is completed, the concept of “network is the computer” concept. Application of video analysis is based on a huge amount of data, high-speed operation, such as the massive number of face recognition using multiple high-performance server conventional parallel computing can not meet the timeliness requirements of certain users, while cloud computing can greatly improve operational efficiency . Cloud storage is provided through a network, you can configure virtual storage and related data services, the service level is needed to guarantee. More energy efficient, stable and reliable cloud computing, cloud storage technology applications will be monitoring the development trend of the future, it will become the trend of the future safe city construction. Cloud computing will be the basic model in the future for a long time massive video surveillance image data processing processing. Since the data processing and storage is done on a remote cloud, security and privacy issues have become a major bottleneck plagued cloud computing further development. The distribution of cloud storage virtualization and physically isomerization, so the lack of physical security boundary. User data management and ownership separation, making the risk of leakage and data tampering. Cloud security has become the smooth progress of cloud computing, cloud storage is a problem that can not be ignored. Virtual private network (vpn, virtualprivatenetwork) is usually on a public network to establish a private network is encrypted communications network set up for particular users, and social image resources tandem Safe City video surveillance system is through a variety of ways to access the various class sharing platform, although it will take some safety measures when access access, but still difficult to avoid trespassing, network security issues video surveillance system should be cause enough for concern.
In the development trend of large data storage and management of massive video surveillance data is also present in many large companies actively explore the proposition. In the field of video surveillance, video analysis often determine the value of efficiency, lower latency, more accurate analysis is often widespread demand for safe cities such customers. This will significantly enhance the video surveillance industry added value, enhance the value of improvements to the existing industrial development bottlenecks difficult. The vast majority of data generated by video surveillance services based unstructured data, the information presented on for loosely coupled relationship, which gives traditional data management and use of the mechanism has brought great challenges. After the video data acquired by creating a data warehouse for analysis and data mining, to visualize the final presentation of the process is the Evolution of large data. Vast amounts of video surveillance data using the traditional manual and serial data screening methods in the era of big data can not meet the requirements. Large data-oriented architecture principles is to vast amounts of data into smaller batches easier access data on multiple servers in parallel analysis process, thus greatly speeding up the process of processing video data.
Now it seems that there are four types of large data-related technologies can play an important role in monitoring fields. An intelligent analysis techniques. Computer-based image recognition algorithms, the content of the video image understanding and analysis, generating the image content and behavior description, and structured or semi-structured language description, provide the basis for video big data analysis and application; 2, large data processing technology. Based on large data parallel or distributed processing techniques, such as hadoop, hbase, forming for large distributed data storage and data management framework; provide real-time and batch etl, data cleansing / conversion / loading, to form the value of information gathering; 3, data mining and analysis techniques. Ability and non-video data integration, analysis, mining event correlation and generating mode to enhance video data value;; through the intelligent analysis to retrieve metadata, data mining and analytical processing, to efficient use of video data 4, visual representation techniques. Through the efficient retrieval of video content and presentation than; gis platform integration and intelligence analysis platform, platform and other local emergency response platform, and with a view to integrate the show, in order to enhance the ability of video data practicality.
Video surveillance of the impact it first reflected in the increase and improvement of video surveillance system functions. Safe City experienced a digital, networked, high-definition, after the development phase intelligent, will form a wide coverage, great networking, intelligent pattern, at the application level with a strong large data processing needs to digest, using vast amounts of monitoring information auxiliary achieved prior warning. Based on the video image of cloud computing, cloud storage technology, through the perfect big data technology and video surveillance technology integration in order to achieve this goal. And cloud computing, cloud storage and big data technology it is currently the fastest growing areas of technology, further development of the requirements of the most pressing technology is also monitoring the area. Secondly, it will inevitably based video surveillance technology to strengthen the security companies, especially companies and it works closely monitoring companies. Have it backed companies compared with traditional security vendors more quickly on the upgrading of products and technologies for the Internet and learn more about it, but somewhat lacking in-depth knowledge of the security industry. Therefore, it is totally dependent on big data in the enterprise to realize the practical application of the security barrier heavy industry. Similarly, in close cooperation with security vendors to abandon it to do systems integration businesses also have a great challenge. In the era of big data, all fields are interrelated relationship, and it requires constant video surveillance technology integration and industry business integration, the only real solution for big data analysis and storage applications. Big data business is a model of co-operation in various fields, for video surveillance companies, need to understand user needs and under the premise of market trends, play their own advantages, combined it business at a faster rate among the large data fields.

With the rapid development of HD video surveillance,high-definition video transmission,forwarding,storage and application of supporting hardware and software platforms poses a severe challenge to system stability,reliability and real user applications become the focus of attention.Not only the original cctv closed circuit monitoring system can not meet the need,even if it is a traditional architecture can not meet the large-scale deployment of HD video surveillance applications.
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