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Onecoin – Cryptocurrency

March 21st, 2017 | by BTC News
Onecoin – Cryptocurrency
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by antanacoins

Onecoin – Cryptocurrency

OneCoin provides a once in a lifetime opportunity, revolutionizing the business world of todays digital economy. OneCoin is a new type of cryptocurrency. This currency is born out of the success of it’s peers, Bitcoin and Litecoin. It all started back in 2009 when a new digital currency was introduced to the internet and financial world. Only in 2013 this currency has seen a 75 times increase in its starting price. It started at a price of only 0.10 USD per coin and has been traded for over 1.100 USD per coin. Onecoin provides long term value to its investors and has a well thought through concept. This opportunity is only available through a strict by invitation basis, providing you the knowledge you need to succeed in the world of crypto-currency.
OneCoin is more than just a cryptocurrency. To make it successful and unique, we have created a whole concept and universe to make One a market leader in the crypto world. We offer core financial education on crypto-currency in the OneAcademy, an online exchange, and we partner with one of the hottest and newest hybrid crypto-currencies – the Aurum coin. OneCoin uses the latest cryptographic technology and security standards and has a solid marketing concept – enhanced by the OneLife Plan.
We offer a high-income opportunity with an extensive bonus program connected to the best lifestyle awards. We offer our traders a one time opportunity to profit from holding the two of the hottest and most innovative products in the emerging crypto-currency market – OneCoins and Aurum Gold Coins, an unique hybrid currency that is backed up by real and solid GOLD.
One Concept
By joining the One concept, you not only get the best online training on how to profit from crypto-currency, but moreover you position yourself in an unlimited revenue generating program, providing you with all the tools you need to succeed. Our training and marketing tools combined with a solid and strong educational product, enhanced by an outstanding payment plan, is why today’s entrepreneurs are joining the One Concept. We are committed to make you successful – and will provide all the support you need to grow your team and business.
One Life
OneLife, is all about combining business and lifestyle! When you are a member of the OneLife program, you work with a business model that has an unlimited income potential and lots of fun to be a part of. Furthermore OneLife has partnered up with the best lifestyle content, experiences that are so special, not even money can buy. OneLife, issues OneLife vouchers to its members, that can be redeemed for luxury holidays, hotels, restaurants and experience days. Want to have an unforgettable week in Bali? Or take your family, friends and loved ones on a true life changing experience? Make sure you get in on the action and fun that OneLife provides. OneLife Points start calculating based on your join date as a member, all people who join as members after you in the total company, will earn OneLife Points for you. JOIN today and participate in the ACTION fast!
OneLife Point Bonus
OneLife Points are accumulated by OneLife affiliates based on how much they spent on their own package, how many affiliates they’ve personally recruited and how many affiliates joined OneCoin after them (globally). Points are awarded daily, with the OneCoin compensation plan stating that points can be exchanged ‘for attractive items – as unique holidays, luxury watches and other amazing and exclusive rewards’. No further specific information is provided.
One Plan, offers all members, a unique chance for serious earning potential. We value your performance. OneAwards incentivize the success stories. We award such as Black Diamond and Double Diamond. Being part of this exclusive circle comes with awards, luxury items such as Rolex watches, Cash Bonuses, and Luxury cruise holidays. Other members will be inspired by your achievement – and realize what huge opportunities One offers.
DIRECT SALES AND NETWORK BONUS At ONE we see ourselves as team players and do our best to incentivize you to build your business and your team. The more people join the OneCoin concept, the higher the popularity and the value of our currency.
1. Direct Sales Bonus. On all personally generated sales you will receive a 10% bonus based on the Business Volume (BV) associated to the various packages. The members that join ONE with you as a sponsor will be placed on your Right or Left side. We let you decide, if you would like to place them alternatively or at a preferred side.
2. Network Bonus. You get paid 10% of the Business Volume that you accumulate on your weaker side. 60% of these payments will go to your cash account, 40% will fund your mandatory account.
Recruitment Commissions
A 10% commission is paid on the packages purchased by personally recruited OneCoin affiliates. When a OneCoin affiliate joins the company, for their first 30 days they are paid an additional 10% recruitment commission on any packages purchased by newly recruited affiliates. This commission is paid out after the thirty-day period, on the condition that the cumulatively, the affiliates recruited spent over 5,500 EUR on packages. After this period, the regular 10% recruitment commission applies.
Aurum Gold Coin
Aurum Gold Coin – the first hybrid cryptocurrency backed up by real and solid gold. you can sell/buy your Aurum Gold Coin while, in reality, exchanging real gold. Each Aurum Gold Coin is backed up by 10 mg solid gold, which is stored in a highly secured gold vault. You can enjoy all the benefits of holding a real gold

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