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How to buy VPN with Bitcoins?

March 29th, 2017 | by BTC News
How to buy VPN with Bitcoins?
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How to buy VPN with Bitcoins?

Few people find the concept of Bitcoins quite confusing. If you know how to use it right, then you wouldn’t have to face any problems. You must be wondering why you should buy VPN with bitcoins. The main reason is that you can stay anonymous online with the use of VPN. No usage logs are kept by decent providers online. It becomes quite difficult to track individual accounts with the use of IP addresses that are shared. This ensures that no user can be tracked online. The VPN payment method however plays a crucial role in keeping identity of the users online hidden from the prying eyes.

Why Bitcoins should be used to purchase VPN?

Payment records are maintained by VPN providers although they do not keep usage logs. However, most of these payments can be traced ultimately through the VPN providers by any investigator who is determined to figure out although there are no logs maintained. The only reliable method through which payments cannot be traced is by using virtual currency. Bitcoin is the most widely accepted and popular virtual currency.

Steps to follow for purchasing VPN through Bitcoins

In order to buy VPN anonymously that is with the use of Bitcoins, you need to follow the steps mentioned in this article. The final step is to pay for the service of VPN itself which is quite easy. You need to have access to a VPN service provider which accepts Bitcoins.

1. Sign up for the VPN service online that allows the use of Bitcoins for purchase. Only the email address has to be furnished for which the user need to sign up anonymously. This makes it quite difficult to trace any kind of purchase as no bank details have to be furnished.

2. To prevent fraud, it is insisted to sign up using an IP address that is real. Your IP address would remain safe with the VPN service provider.

3. While paying with the use of bitcoins, you need to offer a bitcoin wallet address in which the coins have to be sent.

4. You can paste the address in the wallet section on the desktop. You can scan the QR code if you are using a mobile phone to complete the transaction.

5. The payment confirmation doesn’t even take seconds.

Anonymous transactions

When it comes to purchase of bitcoins, a lot of jargon is involved. You need to be clear about certain concepts when it comes to bitcoins. The process of purchasing bitcoins anonymously and paying for VPN in an anonymous manner is quite painless. You can protect your privacy by paying for VPN through bitcoins especially in an age where digital data is quite vulnerable to attack by malwares.

Bitcoin payments are being made safer with time and with the growing risk. Remaining anonymous can prove out to be quite beneficial. The VPN provider would always be aware of the IP address that you are using although that cannot be linked to the actions of the individuals by any good VPN service provider.

You must be wondering why you should Buy VPN With Bitcoin. If you would like more information on finding a Anonymous VPN IP.

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