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Enterprise Tech Trends to Look Out for in 2016

March 27th, 2017 | by BTC News
Enterprise Tech Trends to Look Out for in 2016
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by Harald Felgner

Enterprise Tech Trends to Look Out for in 2016

Enterprises are exploring newer landscapes with improved technology and abundance in data availability. There is a lot of data available which will help enterprises build into their insights, and take predictive steps to build their business. It is the era of big data and cloud computing, which has enabled businesses to further with tactful steps. New technology trends are starting to show their presence, provoking enterprises to adopt these trends to improve their performance in the competitive build.

Here, we will discuss a few trends that are definitely going to come alive in 2016 for enterprises.

Cloud Native: The Future of Enterprises
Cloud Native will no longer be the buzz word you used to hear; it is soon going to be the reality of the hour! You will see more enterprise applications migrating to the cloud, thus carrying on their legacy with a secure and protected environment. The cloud native applications are specifically built for the cloud. This is necessary if you want to leverage into PaaS and IaaS, as applications developed specifically for the cloud will be easily decoupled from a particular physical resource.

Big Data Solutions: From Centralized to Distributed
Big Data solutions were majorly dependent on centralized data lakes, which was also responsible for reduce in data duplication. This centralized system led to a more simplified data management, and made the tasks easy to handle. But, things are going to change for Big Data, and in turn the enterprises in 2016, as the data lakes will be distributed in nature. This will help manage multiple devices and data centers, thus simplifying the management of huge chunk of data.

Machine Learning for Developers
This is the new trend that was started by Amazon, and will be taken forward by the numerous enterprises in the coming times. The cloud is no longer restricted to offering analytics as a service, but will extend to offer machine learning APIs too to the developers. With the machine learning capability, the developers gain an understanding on the data patterns, which will help them build applications, thus taking care of fraud and other security threats.

Hybrid Cloud is Trending
Earlier, most enterprises and individuals had difficulty understanding the true meaning of hybrid cloud. But, Microsoft with the Azure Stack for Windows Server allows you to partially duplicate the public cloud. This means in the coming year, the Windows system will contain a perfect hybrid of IaaS environment. Amazon is already playing into the hybrid cloud trend, and soon other enterprises will follow suit.

Security & Data Mining Will Build the Stage
With the volume of data increasing, the data mining abilities of enterprises will see a striking improvement, as that will help enterprises define insights and behavior patterns and trends. This predictive analytics will help the enterprises forecast their future, and devise strategies to help gain profits. The enterprises will work on gaining data insights through secure processes. So, security will be emphasized upon in the coming times.

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