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Why use Bitcoin to buy online?

February 5th, 2017 | by BTC News
Why use Bitcoin to buy online?
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by btckeychain

Why use Bitcoin to buy online?

Bitcoin mining is a new craze sweeping across the country. Computer enthusiasts are building high power number-crunching computers in order to mine Bitcoin and other crypto currencies. Using standard off the shelf computer components, specifically high end gaming graphics cards. Some have up to 4 top end GPU’s running per machine which require upwards of 1000W power supplies just to keep up. A number of computer component suppliers now accept Bitcoin and so miners often reinvest their Bitcoins by purchasing new equipment online with their mined coins. The more equipment you have the faster you make Bitcoins so you can quite quickly build a huge array of mining machines with some super users having upwards of 40 graphics cards in their rooms and requiring dedicated air-conditioning just to cool things down.

So what do you need to get started? If you have already got a computer and a recent (1year) gaming graphics card, you will be able to download the software and start mining immediately. The most common card is the 7950. You can easily get 700/khash out of the right card and with the right motherboard you could have up to 4 of these running in a single machine. That’s 2800/kash which will earn you a sweet £8/day, you can buy a new graphics card every month with that.

If you are getting into this seriously we highly recommend sourcing high quality computer components, top end gaming hardware is designed to run hot for long periods of time so it’s perfectly suited. Your power supply will be the most critical component. Don’t just buy the one with the biggest wattage, the devil is in the details. Cheaper PSU’s will split their 12v rails into multiple segments, so you might only get 200w from each rail. Whereas the more expensive PSU’s will let you get the full 800w from each rail.

Cooling is going to be a problem. These components kick out huge amounts of heat. In winter it’s perfect, you can turn your heating off and bask in glow of your red hot GPU’s. But in summer it’s going to get noisy and it’s going to get hot. Regular gaming fan’s won’t work here. I use 180+ CFM 120mm fans, the performance is incredible If in doubt speak to a specialist bitcoin computer components supplier.

So what do you do once you’ve got your mega cluster running? Sit back and watch the coins roll in? Well yeah of course but you can’t stay still in the world of mining or you might get left behind. You will have to keep on top of your components upgrades, getting the latest hardware and ensuring your total KHASH is never stagnant. You can make lots of gains over-clocking your hardware to squeeze every last drop out of your investment. Mining is more than just a business investment it’s a hobby and it’s fascinating to see how passionate people are about it. The technical challenge mining offers as well as the potential to earn money from your efforts is hugely exciting to many people.

To learn more on Bitcoin computer components and mining I suggest you click here, where you can buy computer components with Bitcoin.

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