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When To Purchase Your Very First Bitcoin

February 7th, 2017 | by BTC News
When To Purchase Your Very First Bitcoin
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When To Purchase Your Very First Bitcoin

Many individual investors around the world are looking for a way to purchase a Bitcoin for the first time so that they can diversify into the new digital crypto-currency and begin issuing payments and receiving payments that are denominated in Bitcoins. Learning about the new Bitcoin currency from scratch can sometimes be confusing especially when you are learning about the risks associated with denominating your cash into Bitcoins, but nevertheless there are many people looking to buy their very first Bitcoin.

Finding A Reliable Bitcoin Exchange

The first step to buying your very first Bitcoin is registering at one of the major reputable Bitcoin exchanges that you allow you to trade your currency such as dollars, pounds, euros, or yen for Bitcoin. While there are currently over 20 exchanges that allow you to buy Bitcoins, some of the smaller exchanges have questionable reputations and it is a good idea for the novice investor to stick to the biggest and most reliable exchanges that have taken measures to prevent money laundering and illegal activity.

Comparing The Prices Of Bitcoins

No matter where you are buying your Bitcoins from, the prices can vary drastically because not all sellers will continually update their listing price based on the movement of the daily spot price. This means that it can be possible for you to be either over-charged or under-charged for the price that you are going to pay for buying Bitcoins if you do not take the time to compare the different prices that are being offered and seeing how they compare to the current spot price on the price chart. Another important factor to consider when you are comparing prices is the fees that are charged for different currencies and different payment methods, and try to find the seller who is offering the best price and also the lowest fee structure.

Transferring Bitcoins To A Different Account

This is another popular way that people are using to acquire their first Bitcoin, and this is the strategy that you can use where you buy a certain designated amount of Bitcoins from an established third-party seller such as Coinbase and then once you have completed your purchase you can transfer your Bitcoin money to your digital wallet or to the Bitcoin exchange of your choice. By taking the first step of learning about Bitcoins and buying your first Bitcoin you can join the growing community of early adopters that are making use of this powerful new digital currency.

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