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Nice Cloud Mining photos

February 9th, 2017 | by BTC News
Nice Cloud Mining photos

Check out these cloud mining images:

Moonbase Utah
cloud mining
Image by Stewf
Aragonite is a ghost town in Tooele County, Utah. Aragonite lies along the Hastings Cutoff, a historical transmontane route taken by nineteenth-century pioneers. The town was established in the early twentieth century for the mining of aragonite (used to simulate marine habitats in aquariums and as a decorative material), though all mining operations in the area have ceased. The town site is now uninhabited and almost totally demolished.

Just east of the historical townsite is a large hazardous waste incineration facility. This facility was known as the Aptus Incinerator and was built there in 1991 after Tooele County established the surrounding lands as the West Desert Hazardous Industries District. The incinerator was, at times, operated by Westinghouse, Rollins, Laidlaw, and Safety-Kleen, and is now operated by Clean Harbors. The facility has been the subject of several penalties administered by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Handicap International
cloud mining
Image by Gwenaƫl Piaser
Paris, September 2012.

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