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Development and application of cloud storage technology

February 8th, 2017 | by BTC News
Development and application of cloud storage technology
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by Harald Felgner

Development and application of cloud storage technology

As more and more video surveillance applications tend HD display , mass data storage , multi- information fusion, information intelligence mining, large-scale data analysis and decision intelligence , cloud computing and other advanced technologies , especially in the peaceful city , smart cities and geographies in which large-scale industrial applications , for these industries massive high-definition video data storage system requirements, means that the data storage capacity and computing performance improvements, storage products with high performance, high capacity, high reliability, and can be scalability, while achieving the depth of application and monitoring system combining video surveillance systems to meet specific business video data management applications . In a large-scale high-definition video surveillance system applications , the first is to meet the massive high-definition video data storage, data such as high-definition video 720P, 1080P, 5MP, 8MP resolution of the IP camera and other access road large number of concurrent real-time data streams read and write, the performance is great for storage challenges in the massive high-definition deployment environment, fully take into account the overall impact of the program storage performance , high capacity cloud storage needs and scalable capacity expansion , a single storage device via JBOD mode or cluster approach , using the SAS interface , eSATA interface unit capacity expansion technology , cascade or external expansion cabinet way to enhance the capacity stand-alone system , or through virtualization and storage pool technology to multiple storage devices of various shapes virtualized into a single large -capacity virtual storage devices. Secondly, in the large-scale deployment of HD storage , improve disk utilization efficiency , reduce the disk space consumed by data compression techniques , disk defragmentation technology , THIN data reduction techniques , disk bad sectors avoidance technology in mass data storage environment, reduce disk failure rate, reduce the waste of disk space capacity , which can effectively reduce the maintenance cost . In addition, from the entire high-definition video surveillance solutions perspective, the cloud storage system is not a simple accumulation of storage devices . Cloud storage as the video data storage and management center node , and the overall integration solution , optimizing the video data management, all HD video data storage node can be prepared as an application system interoperability nodes and the management node , the mass deployment monitoring system undoubtedly improve the overall solution system anti- disaster capacity to ensure system stability and reliability.

Cloud storage is how to deal with business-critical mass data storage and management, including virtualization and storage pool technology from the traditional forms of capacity utilization equipment, expansion and management, simplifying storage and application mode capacity, storage devices are able to pass the standard , virtualized access to complete the capacity expansion, the capacity to achieve low-cost access to the user, the use of virtual desktops, etc. access to complete data access and management, and various forms of storage devices composed of a great storage capacity is only a single client view of a storage pool.
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