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Cool Cloud Mining images

February 10th, 2017 | by BTC News
Cool Cloud Mining images

A few nice cloud mining images I found:

Valley of the Sun
cloud mining
Image by im me
One of many wonderful views from the Clinton Peak (13857 feet), McNamee Peak (13780 feet), Traver Peak (13852 feet) traverse.

This view is to the south through west of McNamee. You can see some old mining remnants at the bottom left.

The peak in the foreground on the left is Traver Peak. Just to its right is Mount Democrat which connects to Mount Buckskin. Then we have Mount Tweto and Mount Arkansas wraps it up just right of center. All of these peaks are part of the Mosquito Range. In the far distance you can see some of the peaks of the Sawatch Range.

The East Fork of the Arkansas River runs through the valley.

At the far right you can just see the edge of the Climax Mine "Glory Hole".

The trailhead I used was Montgomery Reservoir. I hiked up the Wheeler Trail which is a pretty difficult 4×4 road. As I was coming down there was a broken down 4×4 blocking the road and I was able to hike down faster than a 4×4 was able to ride down, so pretty tough road! Lots of standing and running water as well.

cloud mining
Image by MiNe (sfmine79)
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