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Cloud IBN presents Threat Intelligence Security Solutions

February 10th, 2017 | by BTC News
Cloud IBN presents Threat Intelligence Security Solutions
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Cloud IBN presents Threat Intelligence Security Solutions

A threat management technology which protects the private information from data leaks, spam, malware and latest web threats is the need of the hour.
The general extent of digital security at the present situations covers the most effective solutions, which can be used to protect huge number of organizations across the globe.

By shifting our IT infrastructure in clouds and virtualizing our data,that are providing a platform for the cybercriminals. Some key forecasts regarding the technological trends and cybercrime are:
* As cyber crime is all about money, it’s less likely to go away
* Malware is rapidly changing its face (almost in every hour)
* The atmosphere around is infectious, a single web visit is all that needs to get infected
* Targeted attacks are most likely to grow
* Data breaches will stay around
A new-generation client centric security infrastructure, designed to protect clients from web threats is needed. An innovative approach that detects the threat before it sticks is a smart move.

Organizations need to keep themselves ahead of threats. Using traditional security measures is not enough to protect current networks from the advanced threats. Organisations must use latest countermeasures like threat intelligence security solutions.

When we look at the dynamic threat scenario of the past few years, protecting the critical information is a challenge. To combat issue of sophisticated threats, organizations should have threat visibility and properly layered security.
According to Cloud IBN’s threat analysts, security engineers and researchers, ‘Collect – Identify – Protect’, is the security cycle that needs to be followed.
Collect: Collect maximum possible threat data from the global network so that more threat information gets uncovered.
Identify: To identify new threats, use automated data mining tools. Use of human intelligence, brings out the threats that lie within huge data streams. Faster analysis can lead us to better results.

Protect: By analysing the data collected above, new threats can be proactively blocked. Also by deploying an extensive cloud based protection infrastructure, an enormous scale of threat protection can be ensured.

In the conclusion part, the report emphasises on the fact that, data protection if done as stated above, is enough to mitigate the data breaches altogether. We can reduce the impacts of threats by improving our capabilities of threat avoidance and threat response, with a well-defined strategic approach. Smart Protection will be much effective than fast protection.

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