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5 Lesser Known Facts about Roulette

February 4th, 2017 | by BTC News
5 Lesser Known Facts about Roulette
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5 Lesser Known Facts about Roulette

Roulette is a favorite game of casino lovers. The game has a varied history and in its current form it has undergone little change over the years. Let us look at five interesting facts about roulette.

The Numbers of the Beast

The roulette wheel has two versions – a 0 version and another 00 version. The roulette wheel is also referred to as ‘Devil’s Wheel’, which is a very popular nickname with the game veterans. Maybe it called so, as it has the tendency to send the credit ratings of the players to hell. Did you know that the numeric total of the numbers on a wheel adds up to 666, which is known to be the number of the Beast? In the traditional version of the game, the numbers in the wheel were not placed in a sequential manner. This was done deliberately, in order to avoid cheating and minimize the problem of “biased wheels”. When the numbers favor one side or the other, it is called bias of the wheel.

The name “roulette”

“Roulette” in French means little wheel. Traditionally, it was thought that the name was inspired by the French physicist Blasie Pascal. It is said, that he wanted to create a wheel of perpetual motion. But more recently, it has been proposed that the name roulette has been derived from an English game, by the name of Roly Poly. This is owing to the discovery of a 17th century game of roulette which has a spinning wheel and a ball. This is a simpler version of the original Roly – Poly game and it even has slots named as Even/ Odd (E/O) slots.

The James Bond connection

In the original Ian Fleming’s books, James Bond is a big roulette player, and also has a favorite number – number 17. He is a master of the game, who likes to play “two dozen”- his own betting system. Ian is to thank for the term “Run Lola Run”.

The obsession – I

A man called Joseph Jagger, in 1873 used his assistants and got information of defective roulette wheels in casinos. He thought of using this information to his advantage. Another man names, Charles Deville, was so inspired by this that with a bankroll of just $ 6,000, he broke Monte Carlo. He notched up 23 spins in a single row at a high rollers’ cafe. He was also made popular by the song of 1892 music hall ditty, ‘The Man Who Broke the Bank At Monte Carlo’, made him famous.

The obsession – II

A businessman by the name of Ashley Revell, in 2009, put his entire life’s earnings in Red in Vegas Casino. He sold all his worldly possessions and put on bet a staggering amount of $ 136,000. He risked this huge amount in one single spin of the roulette wheel. Fortunately, for him, his number came up and he proceeded to establish his own betting company. At that time, it was speculated that, it was all a fabricated stunt to launch Revell’s new business of the betting company.

These interesting facts make for a good read and will make for good stories when you sit down for a spin of roulette next time. Go on and wow them with your roulette factopedia!

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