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Stampede Cloud launches 1 Terra Hash Mining Rig for Bitcoin

January 25th, 2017 | by BTC News
Stampede Cloud launches 1 Terra Hash Mining Rig for Bitcoin
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Stampede Cloud launches 1 Terra Hash Mining Rig for Bitcoin

Stampede Cloud runs financial cloud solutions for forex and equity markets using (Graphics Processing Unit) GPU/Parallel processing/ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) from Mumbai and Hyderabad with more than 100 servers. Most of the GPU/ASIC chip power is lying idle after market hours, Stampede came up with a solution and virtualized both graphical / ASIC processing power into a virtual parallel processing server where idle workers (processes) will be mining the Bitcoins. The current capacity is around 1 Terra Hash.

Currently we are launching high frequency server farms to provide trading solutions for Global Fx Markets (Curnex/MTFs/ECN) in London Dubai and Singapore, which will be up and running by March 2014, this will give us another 10 Terra Hashes Mining rig capabilities for Bitcoin.

There are 22 public pools offering Bitcoin mining with pay per share basis. We launched our private mining pool using Stratum protocol and currently integrating strong front end platform Web Screens to stop from Malicious/DDOS attacks. Soon the private pool will converted into public pool and available for public access.

Bitcoin Mining started in 2008 today has moved far from Laptop/Desktop/GPU mining to ASIC chip mining of Terra Hashes Power.

Bitcoin is peer to peer global digital currency.

Stampede Cloud Services is a subsidiary of Stampede Capital Limited which is listed in BSE.

 Cloud Computing Services cuts down the Total Cost of Ownership.
 Co-location of servers at exchanges with Zero lag and running the Algos at speed of light.
 Virtualizing the server side Apps/Algos through thin clients.

Stampede Cloud provides Private Clouds and Virtualization services for multiple corporate clients from Treasury Houses to Dealing Rooms.

The Cloud Service includes:
 Complex Event Processing
 Pre/Post Trade Transaction Cost Analysis
 Logistic Regressions (Bayesian and Markov Process)
 Machine Control Processing/Monitoring
 Real Time Iteration Calculations
 99% Var/CVaR of confidence interval calculated in Real Time
 FPGA chip level programming to reduce latency in nano seconds
 Principal Component Analysis for large tick data
 Messaging Solution using FIX/FAST FIX
 ORMS with Database Cluster integration for High-Speed, Low-Latency Networks
 Liquidity, Data Collection, Analytics and Run Time Risk Management
 EMM Platform, Complexity, Relative Arbitrage, Pairs Trading, CEP Quant
 Ultra-Low Latency / High-Frequency Trading Strategies

Contact Name:
Venkata Srinivas Meenavalli


Regd. Off: “Kartheek House”, No.8-2-293/174/A25, Ground & First Floor, Road No.14, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad – 500034. Andhra Pradesh, India.

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