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IRO Mark V with S&S couplers

January 31st, 2017 | by BTC News
IRO Mark V with S&S couplers

Some cool btc hotel images:

IRO Mark V with S&S couplers
btc hotel
Image by btmspox
I had S&S couplers installed by Bilenky on my IRO fixie so I can have an easy bike to take with me when I travel by plane. I was going to have a "utility" paint as the look wasn’t important to me, but they mistakenly matched the paint without looking at the order twice.

I hadn’t seen the soft shell travel bag before recently. It has shoulder straps built in and I think this will be a lot easier to get between airport and hotel. I take public transit often when I travel so carrying a hard case and my luggage roller bag probably wouldn’t be much fun.

Alessandra, Meeting – Space Hotels
btc hotel
Image by Space Hotels
Un ultimo controllo al materiale…

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