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Get to know Your Bitbuds

January 25th, 2017 | by BTC News
Get to know Your Bitbuds
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by antwerpenR

Get to know Your Bitbuds

Cryptocurrency is taking the gaming industry by storm. Bitcoin has made it possible for the cryptocurrency enthusiasts to come on to the global platform and become members of the bitcoin community making the physical borders outdated. This idea has been revolutionised by the knowledge that crytocurrency does not require any middlemen and it is possible to make money transfers on a P2P basis. To benefit the bitcoin community, Mingle which is a successful chat app maker has introduced Bitbuds which is an app that can be downloaded on the phone and has various promising features. Let us look at some of the essential Bitbuds features:

Bitbuds is similar to any other chat app and also functions like one. However, it does offer to the cryptocurrency crowd or the bitcoin enthusiasts some great twists. Firstly, it makes it possible to check and keep a tab on the cryptocurrency prices with the use of the app. It allows the user to diverse chat rooms who have the same interest in cryptocurrency. You can chat with people having analogous perspective about various topics like mobile bitcoin games. This app also allows you to upload and share videos and pictures.

Although, currently there is this disadvantage that only iPhone or iPad users can use a version of this chat app but more versions for other platforms are also expected soon. The app respects the anonymity feature of bitcoin community and its principles and therefore provisions for keeping your identity safe. The app allows for the user to choose a pseudonym for themselves and also the user can regulate information disclosure on the app. This makes for a very beneficial feature for cyrptocurrency users including the bitcoin gaming enthusiasts.

Bitbud also makes a great convenient utility tool for the Bitcoin Traveller as it provides a common communicative interface to the cryptocurrency enthusiasts where they all can come together and interact with each other. Thus it paves way for people to meet other like-minded people from across the globe. Also, while travelling it can serve as a great tool as it allows you to interact and engage with Bitcoin and other cryptocurreny enthusiasts at the destination country. You can find about the local cryptocurreny haunts in the local destination and crowd hangouts. Everyplace has a bitcoin community, you can access bitbud and visit the local members.

Bitbuds also helps the single bitcoin enthusiasts to meet and date other like-minded individuals. You get a chance to chat with them and when travelling you can actually find out if they are interested to meet. You might get a date and travel companion and guide while abroad. This dating bitcoin app allows for bitcoin mobile gaming enthusiasts to come together and celebrate bitcoin. You can sit and share your ideas about the bitcoin revolution and talk about other cryptocurrencies and the development of the virtual currencies. You get a chance to talk about the various bitcoin facilities from anonymous transactions to gaming thrills to confirmed transaction without any middlemen. Bitcoin has rapidly captured the online gaming scenario and the enabling of mobile enabled apps like bitbud only go on to show the increasing popularity and transference from computer desktops to laptops to mobiles of this growth.

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