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Cool Btc Cafe images

January 26th, 2017 | by BTC News
Cool Btc Cafe images

Check out these btc cafe images:

See more seafood with a seafood platter for two
btc cafe
Image by Soon.
Rashay’s Cafe on the Hume Highway of Liverpool. Scene of the Comic Shop crew’s end of year feed. Where the order of a Seafood Platter For Two makes for a lot of stares from around the restaurant.

And on the plate (one what rises above all others on its own platform like the Q-Rex from the ground), lobster, scallops, prawns, calamari, salad, salmon and popplers.

As the food hits the table, the cameras crack out and makes an appearance three. At the end of the beast, after desserts for those who chose to partake, the servant bloke asks, "Are these cameras recent acquisitions?" Hell no.

What makes it all the more harder to finish is the finish of the scallops. Done over by a coat of cheese, the smell and texture mix is enough to ratchet a premature full stop.

Worse plate clearing attempt yet. Batches of chips still on the plate.

Sundae comes and Wednesday is where we straw berries
btc cafe
Image by Soon.
Strawberry sundae from Rashay’s Cafe on Macquarie Street in Liverpool. For tonight’s menu, all desserts being half price and smoking in your face comes free for sitting next to inconsiderates.

Consisting of all things, strawberry, dollops of icecream and the blood essence of strawberries made into the syrup of their fallen own. Or it’s just sugared up with red colouring. Same thing really. All done and set into a triangular dish.

Apparently, one of the more hirsuite waiters, who would put his well follicled arms over your plates, sports a most affected accent if ever there was one to guess and field. Spanish? Italian? Who knows.

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