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Biggest Illegal Gambling Rings

January 30th, 2017 | by BTC News
Biggest Illegal Gambling Rings
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Biggest Illegal Gambling Rings

Today, we bring to you the largest illegal gambling rings of all time.

Operation Slapshot: this gambling ring involved athletes and coaches betting on sports. The year 2006, added to the existing list, name of Phoeniz Coyotes’ assistant coach – Rick Tocchet. New Jersey State Police busted him and his $ 1.7 million gambling ring a operation called Slapshot. Law enforcement officials revealed the hockey betting was not involved and along with Tocchet, there were a host of sportspersons who were involved like, NHL owner, and other players.

Alimzhan Tokhtakhounov: year 2013 saw the busting of gambling ring that had wall street millionaires, Russian mobsters and even high profile celebrities involved in the gambling ring. In the same relation, the federal agents also took down gambling websites, several of them suspected of laundering a sum of $ 100 million. The high profile celebrities in the A list of gamblers included names like Matt Damon, Lenardo Dicaprio, Alex Rodriguez and Tobey Maguire. The operations were headed by Alimzhan Tokhtakhounov – a coveted fugitive.

Seoul apartments gambling dens: Seoul metropolitan police agency shut down the gambling operations in Seoul apartments through the biggest ever raid in the country, in the year 2016. Authorities reported booking of over 80 individuals, believed to be involved in the gambling. It was also reported that the set up accounted for as much as 70% illegal gambling operations in Seoul and handled $ 12 million wagers a day.

Gateway organisation bust: this was probably the largest gambling bust seen in the history of South Carolina. Authorities collected two men in Greenville in 2013 and who were minting $ 400 million through illegal banking gambling houses in the country. The federal agents confiscated bank accounts, million dollar private plane, gambling machines, computers from them, who faced less than a year jail time.

World Cup – Macau Betting Ring: usually it is seen that large betting rings are busted in locations where betting is legal. But exact opposite of this happened in Macau. The bookmaking ring of Macau was busted when it was operating out of hotel and involved arrest of 22 individuals, as they were running bets via internet and phone. Supposedly, the ring wagered $ 654 million for the 2014 world cup. The same hotel saw busting of another gambling ring, two hours later.

2015 NFL season: this season saw 4 men set up a gambling ring in Costa Rica, which they were operating through and and had reportedly wagered 41 million during the NFL season. The local authorities busted this ring to find that the four guys had invested in over 20 houses in Costa Rica from their massive earnings. What a Costa Rican catch for the local prosecutor’s office! The four faced 25 years in jail term along with bail set at $ 2 million!

Five Billion Dollar bust: Texas is Texas and has large illegal gambling rings. Texas saw one of the largest ever illegal betting ring get busted in the year 2013 in the Plano area. The illegal betting ring was headed by Albert Reed Jr., along with several retired businessmen. The investigation took as long as a decade revealing a handling of over $ 5 billion sports bet wagers in duration of 4 years.

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