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Trustless Bitcoin Anonymity Here at Last

March 2nd, 2016 | by BTC News

Trustless Bitcoin Anonymity Here at Last
… developed by Taaki himself, to quickly implement the transaction handling side of the application within hours – a process which would have taken many times longer had they tried to write their own code or reuse code from a Bitcoin client like …
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Is Digital Asset's Million Funding a Blow to Bitcoin? VCs Weigh In
Founded in 2014 and led by CEO and ex-JP Morgan executive Blythe Masters, Digital Asset Holdings had long been the subject of speculation that suggested that, despite its high-profile leadership, the startup was having difficulties raising an initial …
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Top Bitcoin Wallets 2016
Leading deterministic bitcoin wallet platforms include Electrum, CarbonWallet, TREZOR and Armory. Carbon Wallet is a web based deterministic bitcoin wallet which generates private keys from the passphrase that does not hold a server side storage.
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