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Philadelphia's New Bitcoin ATM

March 7th, 2016 | by BTC News

Philadelphia's New Bitcoin ATM
PHILADELPHIA, PA February 25, 2016 — The fifth most populated city in America now has a new Bitcoin ATM for residents to purchase the digital currency. Coinsource, the national machine teller network, announced the installment of their product at the …

Why Bitcoin will not Save Us
To make a truly anonymous purchase, one would have to buy a used computer from Craigslist, purchased from the seller in person with cash, set it up with Linux, have all mac addresses changed regularly, turn off geolocation, set up a Virtual Private …
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Teenagers using untraceable currency Bitcoin to buy dangerous drugs online
Fears have been raised as children as young as 14 are getting parcels of legal highs delivered to their home, the Irish Mirror reports . The drugs, which are not against the law in the UK and other countries, are known to have serious side-effects and …

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