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Why Bitcoin Can Flourish in China

February 11th, 2016 | by BTC News

Why Bitcoin Can Flourish in China
Zennon Kapron, financial technology expert and owner of the Shanghai-based consultancy Kapronasia, told CoinDesk that China's main experimentation in the bitcoin space is in trading and the manufacture and operation of mining equipment. He argues …
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Bitcoin: Bitcoin profitiert vom China-Crash
Turbulente Zeiten an den Aktienmärkten und der China-Crash haben Bitcoin nichts anhaben können. Im Gegenteil: Viele chinesische Anleger flüchten zu Bitcoin. Teilen Teilen Twitter. Die Kryptowährung legte kräftig im Zuge des Anlegerstroms aus China zu.
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Bitcoin: Ashton Kutcher Has Best Answer for a Bernie Sanders Presidency
We have already seen examples of Bitcoin being used as a hedge. Prices surged following capital seizures in countries like Greece, Cyprus, and Venezuela. After the devaluation of the yuan, Chinese savers have turned to alternatives like Bitcoin.
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