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Top 25 California Photos as of February 2011

February 19th, 2016 | by BTC News
Top 25 California Photos as of February 2011

Some cool mining pool images:

Top 25 California Photos as of February 2011
mining pool
Image by mlhradio
Here are the top 25 photographs from when I lived in California, most views as of February 2011. Click on the links below to see the individual photograph:

1. Get a rope! Hangman’s noose hanging from the tree at the ‘ghost town’ of Corlew’s Silver City in remote Bodfish, CA – 9347 views.

2. Abandoned mine buildings (Anaconda Copper Mining Company) in the bright sunlight on the outskirts of Darwin, a ghost town outside Death Valley, CA – 5259 views.

3. Close-up view of the colored glass beads mixed in the sand at Glass Beach near Fort Bragg, CA – 5113 views.

4. Fully-stocked penny candy store at the logging town of McCloud, near Mount Shasta, CA – 4439 views.

5. Tidal pool isolated from the waves of the Pacific Ocean by the ebb of the tides, at Glass Beach, outside Fort Bragg, California – 4420 views.

6. Little Lakes Valley viewed from about 11,000 feet elevation, hiking along the Mono Pass Trail, Eastern Sierra Mountains, California – 4342 views.

7. The Outpost: former post office and general store at the center of Darwin, a dusty ghost town on the edge of Death Valley, California – 3231 views.

8. Mission San Antonio de Padua, chapel entrance and statue of Father Junipero Serra in remote Monterey County, CA – 3162 views.

9. Old, abandoned building on the edge of a farm field near Mission Soledad in Monterey County, CA – 2886 views.

10. ‘Japs Keep Moving, This is a White Man’s Neighborhood’ – sign at the Manzanar Concentration Camp in eastern California – 2654 views.

11. Azure-blue Ruby Lake above Little Lakes Valley, viewed from 11,500 feet, in the Eastern Sierra Mountains – 2545 views.

12. Little Lakes Valley in the High Sierra from the Mono Pass trail near Bishop, CA – 2242 views.

13. The chapel at Mission San Antonio de Padua in Monterey County, CA – 2212 views.

14. Abandoned building at the quicksilver mining ghost town of New Idria, California – 1990 views.

15. Abandoned boarding house in the remote quicksilver ghost town of New Idria, CA – 1926 views.

16. Ramshackle ruins at Darwin ghost town outside of Death Valley – 1780 views.

17. Chapel entrance at Mission San Antonio de Padua near Jolon, CA – 1774 views.

18. Close-up of the glass and rocks that comprise Glass Beach in Northern California – 1661 views.

19. Abandoned building and junked trucks across from the Darwin Dance Hall, Darwin CA – 1554 views.

20. Close-up of the glass beads mixed in the gravel at Glass Beach outside Fort Bragg, CA – 1540 views.

21. Tiny oasis of Darwin Falls in the middle of Death Valley, California. Spring-fed year-round waterfall in the middle of the driest desert on the continent – 1474 views.

22. Falling-down ruins at Ballarat Ghost Town, California – 1431 views.

23. Inside the flooded Natural Bridge of Calaveras County, sunlight barely visible on the rocks from the other side – 1416 views.

24. Once home to thousands, now just a few hardy souls remain. View down Darwin Road from downtown Darwin, near Death Valley, CA – 1351 views.

25. The Open Road – the ultra-remote Trona-Wildrose Road in the Panamint Valley, CA (population: 1) – 1303 views.

Created with fd’s Flickr Toys

Alaskan Vodoo
mining pool
Image by gatowlion
Not my pic, for the Pimp my pictures – Strictly Creative Commons and Fix My Pic Please groups. Original by Lilest Duncan.

Released under CC licence…

Well, I’m a voodoo chile
Lord I’m a voodoo chile

Well, the night I was born
Lord I swear the moon turned a fire red
The night I was born
I swear the moon turned a fire red
Well my poor mother cried out "lord, the gypsy was right!"
And I seen her, fell down right dead
(Have mercy)

Well, mountain lions found me there waitin’
And set me on a eagles back
Well, mountain lions found me there,
And set me on a eagles wing
(Its’ the eagles wing, baby, what did I say)
He took me past to the outskirts of infinity,
And when he brought me back,
He gave me a venus witch’s ring
And he said "Fly on, fly on"
Because I’m a voodoo chile, yeah, voodoo chile

Well, I make love to you,
And lord knows you’ll feel no pain
Say, I make love to you in your sleep,
And lord knows you felt no pain
(Have mercy)
‘Cause I’m a million miles away
And at the same time I’m right here in your picture frame
(Yeah! What did I say now)
‘Cause I’m a voodoo chile
Lord knows, I’m a voodoo chile

Well my arrows are made of desire
From far away as Jupiter’s sulphur mines
Say my arrows are made of desire, desire
From far away as Jupiter’s sulphur mines
(Way down by the Methane Sea, yeah)
I have a humming bird and it hums so loud,
You think you were losing your mind, hmmm…

Well I float in liquid gardens
And Arizona new red sand
I float in liquid gardens
Way down in Arizona red sand

Well, I taste the honey from a flower named Blue,
Way down in California
And the in New York drowns as we hold hands

‘Cause I’m a voodoo chile
Lord knows I’m a voodoo chile

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