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Paypal Shuts Down in Greece – Bitcoin Still Operates

February 22nd, 2016 | by BTC News
<b>Paypal</b> Shuts Down in Greece – <b>Bitcoin</b> Still Operates

Paypal Shuts Down in Greece – Bitcoin Still Operates
Capital controls imposed by the Greek government mean that Greek citizens can only withdraw 60 euros (effectively 50 euros after ATMs have run out of 20 euro notes) and online payment service, PayPal, has been left crippled, as a result. PayPal relies …
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Mycelium’s Leo Wandersleb: Segregated Witness a Technical Necessity
Wuille’s Segregated Witness proposal is set to offer several improvements to the Bitcoin protocol. The benefit that has received the most attention is its potential to effectively increase the block size to a range from 1.75 megabytes to 2 megabytes …
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Legal marijuana sellers to use blockchain instead of banks
The blockchain technology behind bitcoin could help solve one of the most vexing problems facing legal marijuana sellers: what to do with their cash. …. PayPal for pot. Zarrad’s start-up, Tokken, is younger than the others, but he is aiming to offer …
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