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Nice Mining Pool photos

February 21st, 2016 | by BTC News
Nice Mining Pool photos

A few nice mining pool images I found:

Salina de Maras
mining pool
Image by Miradortigre
The Salinas de Maras, also known as “trabajos de sal”, are man-made salt mines that date back to the 13th and 14th-century Inca civilization. The mines take the form of a communal system of about 3,000 shallow pools – a salty underground spring called Qoripujio funnels through the system to fill each pool. Once full, the pools are allowed to sit and evaporate, leaving just salt where water once was. This process is repeated every few days. Each pool or group of pools is controlled by a family from the area, and newcomers are allowed to take over and work abandoned pools. Visitors can have a walk around the terraced pools and take part in salt collection, and salt harvested here is available for purchase in nearby markets. The organically-shaped pools glow bright white against the area’s rugged brown mountainous backdrop, and when full, each pool boasts a different shade of coffee-coloured water.

龙溪 Dengkil
mining pool
Image by Tianyake
一个马来渔翁在锡矿湖旁垂钓。/ A Malay man is fishing by the tin-mining pool.

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