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Nice Mining Pool photos

February 15th, 2016 | by BTC News
Nice Mining Pool photos

Check out these mining pool images:

Multiparty growth strategy – Pool
mining pool
Image by Julian Partridge
Transformational Question: what else can I do from here!?

Common situations: territory exploitation eg fishing, mining, drilling, agri, landownership. also event planning, budget allocation, school timetabling, town centre regeneration, talent a&r development, parenting.

Merits: simple, directed thinking with a resource constraint, finite.

Abuses: goldrush frenzy mentality, denuding resource pools.

Commentary: speculative and greedy in character. Leads to bandwagons and vulnerable pyramidical economies. Like European overfishing and the subsequent collapse of shipbuilding and ports and the USSR. Great for rapid strategy event facilitation in large orgs.


Cornish Mines and Engines 21
mining pool
Image by David MV
16 July 2009
Pool, Cornwall

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