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Making Sense of Bitcoin's Divisive Block Size Debate

February 4th, 2016 | by BTC News

Making Sense of Bitcoin's Divisive Block Size Debate
Though this has emerged as a debated point, for a sizeable amount of bitcoin users, a key part of the network's value proposition is that it is decentralized. By spreading out transaction verification across a number of unknown miners, they argue that …
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Explainer: What is Bitcoin Classic?
With a current value of about $ 380 though, any kind of change to bitcoin is the subject of serious and heated debate in the cryptocurrency community. The arguments have often been fierce, with accusations of censorship by proponents of the 2 MB limit …
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Proponents of small Bitcoin blocks, Blockstream, going from strength to strength
“We value Blockstream's open source approach and its sidechain technology, which will allow interoperability between different chains and provide critical long-term success in this sector. We also look forward to partnering with … There are those who …
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