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February 10th, 2016 | by BTC News

Bitcoin Technical Analysis 2/5/16 – end of the week pump
While it's true that we can find technical indicators which coincide with today's pump, the general opinion on reddit is contradicting. sierradreamz from r/BitcoinMarkets said: I'm shorting this BS settlement manipulated pump just like the last couple …
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ISP Bandwith Caps Can Prevent People From Running A Bitcoin Node
A recent post on Reddit shows how one user's Bitcoin Node has contributed over 850GB of bandwidth to the network. While this amount is significant in its own matter, it is important to keep in mind this was just during one month of running the Bitcoin …
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Peter Todd Suspension from Reddit Following Coinbase Doublespend
Often controversial and outspoken, lately bitcoin core developer Peter Todd has landed in hot water on Reddit, with posts and comments he made in regards to a doublespend attack that he carried out against the bitcoin exchange and wallet provider …
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