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February 29th, 2016 | by BTC News

Bitcoin Blockchain: Elite B-Schools Set To Launch New FinTech MBA Programs
Elite students are surging into the nascent industry, lured by the promise of MBA jobs, fast-growth and disruption of the world's biggest banks. “Fintech — apps and digital services for banking and making payments — is a growing area,” said Sue Thorn …
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Finance Manager Remains A Popular Job Opportunity Despite Bitcoin Growth
Depending on how people want to look at things, the financial sector is in need of a revamp or works fine the way it is right now. While it seems clear to most Bitcoin users how the financial sector needs to be disrupted sooner rather than later …

How Bitcoin Boosts the Jobs Market
Money makes the world go round. Whether you're watching Gary Coleman speaking on Cash Call commercials or listening to the Broadway musical “Cabaret,” this is an old saying that you've likely heard time and time again, and it's true. The globe unites …
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The Jobs Report, Fed Hikes, and Bitcoin's Wild Ride – Podcast
On the Financial Food Fight podcast, Barron's Jack Otter, Marketwatch's Chuck Jaffe, and Erik Holm and Paul Vigna from MoneyBeat discussed the jobs report and what it means for the economy and Federal Reserve. The hot headline didn't mean the …
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