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Lastest Bitcoin Conversion Rate News

February 28th, 2016 | by BTC News

Abra's Bitcoin Remittance App Attracts Thousands of Users
The only difference is, instead of transacting with fiat money, senders use bitcoin to settle the payment. Because of the mobility, high international conversion rate and liquidity of bitcoin, ABRA tellers and the company can manage to charge a …
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Lucky Errors Found in Bitcoin
Bitcoin mining involves searching for a cryptographic nonce value (a sequence of bits) within a block of transactions such that the hash of the block is less than a threshold. Each miner attempts to find a valid nonce earlier than other miners so that …
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Leading European airline, Wizz Air, promoting the world's first bitcoin-only
Wizz Air is one of the largest European ultra-low-cost airlines. Listed on the London Stock exchange last year, the company offers flights on over 400 routes from 22 operating bases in Central and Eastern Europe, and intends to maintain its growth this …
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