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Lastest Bitcoin Alternatives News

February 4th, 2016 | by BTC News
Lastest Bitcoin Alternatives News

Alternatives: Second wave of Bitcoin is coming
Two years ago I was gripped by the promise of bitcoin the currency and bitcoin the protocol. Blockchain, an immutable, synchronised, global, time-stamped ledger offered the prospect of many exciting use cases and bitcoin was, and still is, the most …
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Netflix to Embrace Bitcoin?
Speaking on the various issues faced by Netflix as it widens its global reach and makes inroads into Latin America and Europe, Wells stated that he believes Bitcoin could be a solution to some of those problems. While Wells did not confirm any concrete …
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Amid Currency Market Drag, Bitcoins Might Be Tossing Up New Possibilities For
“Investors are already beginning to search for alternatives, and this is the perfect opportunity for startups in alternative currency investments in Africa, considering the available market in Nigeria. Bitcoin is already looking attractive because it …
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Getting To The Heart Of Global B2B Payments Friction
… the vendors are usually based in emerging markets, such as Southeast Asia, which is our starting point,” he said, adding that in much of these parts of the world, other services like Stripe and PayPal, don't exist, and other alternatives, like …

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