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Is your company a unicorn or a cockroach?

February 9th, 2016 | by BTC News

Is your company a unicorn or a cockroach?
Methinks the lady doth be too much of a nerd to come up with any decent alternatives. So The Irish Times is … Despite bad press, state suspicion and the international banking system being against them, bitcoin badgers ain't going nowhere. Why, you ask?
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Forum lets high-density power users share their side of the story
Criticism of the high-density load (HDL) power users includes concerns that server farms and bitcoin miners provide relatively few jobs to offset the costs of tying up power that could be sold on the market or used by other industries that would …
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btcd: A Full Alternative Bitcoin Implementation, Written In Go
Partial implementations of Bitcoin that can make and verify transactions exist already, and are the backbone of alternative Bitcoin clients like Blockchain and Electrum. In practice, the deeper into the protocol one goes the more it becomes a …
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