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BitGo Instant: 'Eliminates Bitcoin Transaction Delays'

February 6th, 2016 | by BTC News

BitGo Instant: 'Eliminates Bitcoin Transaction Delays'
The company is marketing its new service as a good way to avoid losing value to bitcoin's volatile exchange rate. According to BitGo, it was unsafe to accept zero-confirmation transactions before its BitGo … BitGo said that these wait times were …

A Strategist's Guide to Blockchain
The same banks also start to execute same-day currency trades at optimal exchange rates, spending a fraction of the costs required in the past. …. As a medium of exchange, the bitcoin, like the U.S. dollar or any other currency, has no intrinsic …
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Russian Ruble Is Dying While Bitcoin Recovers
In May of 2015, one US Dollar was worth 48.67 Russian Ruble. It has been a while since the exchange rate was that favorable for the Russian population, and things were looking bright regarding economic growth. Fast forward to today and one US Dollar is …
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