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Bitcoin Price Extends Run But Litecoin Stalls

February 13th, 2016 | by BTC News

Bitcoin Price Extends Run But Litecoin Stalls
Litecoin (LTC/USD), however, generally restricts its trailing and amplification of BTC movements to volatile times. Here, it has failed to keep up with bitcoin, languishing just above the $ 3.00 mark for about a week. It is in fact negative during the …
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Bitwalking is digital currency you earn just by walking
It's theoretically possible to earn Bitcoin by manually calculating hashes, but there's an easier way to earn a little digital currency. Just get off your butt and walk. Yes, Bitwalking wants to pay its users for walking around. It takes around 10,000 …
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Bitcoin Price Breaks 0, Hits 2-Month High
Interestingly, bitcoin has shown a closer correlation with global equity markets during the last 3 months than in the past. Bitcoin fell below $ 200 at the same time as the climax of the global equity sell-off on August 25. The Dow Jones Industrial …
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