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Bitcoin popularity grows despite regulator's jitters

February 8th, 2016 | by BTC News

Bitcoin popularity grows despite regulator's jitters
According to a report appearing in the Times of India, one of bitcoin's service providers, Zebpay, last year raised $ 1 million (Sh100 million) to promote bitcoins in India and also to develop the blockchain technology, which is used to record bitcoin …
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Exclusive: Canada-based GreenCoinX in talks to raise m
He was also CEO of Real Bitcoins, an Indian based promoter of crypto currency. The company will use the fresh funding for Identified blockchain development with full KYC (Know Your Customer). Blockchain works as a public ledger of all Bitcoin …

Buying with bitcoins in India
It's still too early to throw away your credit card, but bitcoins are making inroads in India as a mode of payment. India currently has around 50,000 bitcoin enthusiasts, with 30,000 of them actually owning the currency. With increasing ease of using …
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New Megatrends in Africa Reveals GDP Growth of 4.5 trillion by 2025
If this trend continues for the next 20 years, Africa will have the highest labour population, surpassing both China and India. … By the end of 2015, there will be 12 million Bitcoin wallets in Africa and nearly one-third of Kenyans will be using a …
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