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Bitcoin Mining Data Center Update

February 9th, 2016 | by BTC News

Bitcoin Mining Data Center Update
If data center providers were somewhat weary of leasing space to bitcoin mining companies that offer mining services or host mining hardware before the shakeout that started last year, caused by a sharp drop in value of the digital currency, they are …
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Former ATM Maker Robocoin Ends Bitcoin Services
The service suspension comes months after Romit shifted away from a bitcoin ATM hardware business model to software and remittances. Romit's website suggests that the company is moving toward traditional payments, offering card storage services for …
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MiniUPnP Vulnerability Clears Way for Stack Smashing Attack
Software implementations of MiniUPnP live in popular peer-to-peer applications such as Tor or Bitcoin mining applications. On the hardware side, home, small office and big network routers often deploy the library. Cisco Talos explains in a report …
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