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This Man Says He Can Save Reddit With the Spirit of Bitcoin

January 30th, 2016 | by BTC News
This Man Says He Can Save <b>Reddit</b> With the Spirit of <b>Bitcoin</b>

This Man Says He Can Save Reddit With the Spirit of Bitcoin
Ryan X. Charles, who previously worked as Reddit’s cryptocurrency engineer, is already working on a prototype of a Reddit spin-off that utilizes blockchain. Blockchain, a database which notably serves as bitcoin’s distributed public ledger, is …
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Blockchain Solution for International Trade Takes Prize at FBS and Deloitte
The goal of Shanghai Blockchain was to bring together blockchain enthusiasts, engineers and designers to think creatively about Bitcoin as a whole. Now that the event is over, the sponsors of the Shanghai Blockchain Hackathon are still working to …
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Bitcoin Core Launches Social Media Presence
The change proposal was internally shot down, but the idea was taken onto Reddit and by Dashjr after his rejection. The bitcoin community responded in kind, expressing outrage and confusion at the proposal. The original hard fork …


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