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Lastest Bitcoin Miner News

January 30th, 2016 | by BTC News
Lastest Bitcoin Miner News

bitcoin miner
Image by davispuh
Butterfly Labs 25 GH/s Bitcoin Miner
BitForce Little Single SC

Scaling Bitcoin and the Block Size Debate
If a majority of bitcoin miners “vote” for a particular upgrade then by definition this is the new version of bitcoin. The number of votes each miner gets is proportional to the amount of computational power they are adding to the network,” said Armstrong.
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The North American Bitcoin Conference 2016: Day 2
Get into a deep discussion about Bitcoin Mining. Get to see an up-close look of what an actual bitcoin miner looks like. This was no communal mirage, like what happened in 2013. This was a multitude of miners, sitting right in front of me, right before …

Bitcoin miner DigitalBTC .77m in the red
"Despite the unfavourable depreciation of the bitcoin price, I am pleased with the growth the company has achieved from its bitcoin trading and mining activities, which continue to provide strong revenue generation," executive chairman Zhenya …
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