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January 30th, 2016 | by BTC News

Dutch Central Bank Report Acknowledges Bitcoin And Blockchain
Hardly anyone will be surprised by the news of the Dutch Central Bank keeping a close eye on the evolution of Bitcoin and digital currencies throughout 2015 and beyond. There is only so much traditional finance can do to make payments more appealing, …
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Citi's Chief Economist: Bitcoin a Complete Failure; Davos Elites Talk Bitcoin
The World Economic Forum discussion on financial services at Davos in Switzerland this week centered around popular financial technology, including Bitcoin and the blockchain. While some of the Davos elite believed such intense focus on the emerging …
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Mainstream Media's Take: Strong Momentum For Bitcoin And Blockchain In 2016
The final week of 2015 brought exciting indicators for bitcoin and the blockchain heading into 2016. Price stabilization, venture capital investment, financial institutions' investment and bitcoin's ability to enhance cross-border payments all paint a …
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