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FracMine Selling 1 GH/s at $1.03 Via Colored Coins Crowdsale

January 30th, 2016 | by BTC News

FracMine Selling 1 GH/s at .03 Via Colored Coins Crowdsale
Each FRAC costs US$ 1.03, and one FRAC buys a user 1 GH/s of hashing power. That 450,000 GH/s of total available hashing power will be handled by 100 Spondoolies SP30 miners running on hydroelectric power, FracMine and Coinprism said in a joint …
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Bitmain Introduces New BM1385 Mining ASIC
Bitmain has recently introduced its latest mining ASIC labelled BM1385 which it claims to be the most power efficient publicly available chip till date. According to the company, Bitmain BM1385 is capable of churning out 32.5 GH/s. It also consumes 50 …
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The Inventor Of Bitcoin Could Be An Australian
The identity of “Satoshi Nakamoto”, the pseudonym of the mysterious individual or group that created the concept of Bitcoin in late 2009, has been the subject of frenzied investigation by the currency's enthusiasts and the tech press for years. It …
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