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Bitstamp Opens Gold Buying Service to European Customers

January 29th, 2016 | by BTC News

Bitstamp Opens Gold Buying Service to European Customers
Bitcoin exchange Bitstamp has partnered with precious metal traders Moro & Kunst to provide its customers with the option to purchase gold using US dollars. The service is being advertised as a withdrawal option for exchange users, as Bitstamp users …
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Could Mike Tyson's bitcoin wallet be a contender?
The branded wallet — which will allow users to store, purchase or sell the digital currency bitcoin — is already available on iOS and Bitcoin Direct says it is coming soon for Android users. Users will see a menu background adorned with the ex-boxer …
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Bitit: Generic Gift Card Service Or Better Bitcoin Accessibility?
How is this unique and different from other card services such as Gyft, BitGreet, and others? Bitit aims to make buying Bitcoin as easy as possible through its prepaid bitcoin solutions. In short, increase the accessibility of Bitcoin, a current issue …
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