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Bitcoin Isn't Dead, Yet

January 29th, 2016 | by BTC News

Bitcoin Isn't Dead, Yet
As aforementioned, the people controlling the Bitcoin nodes have a proven history of immunity to takeovers, and that lets people know that their investments are at least semi-secure. With the other currencies, they are so volatile — and in some cases …
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Recent Wendy's Data Breach Shows The Importance of Bitcoin Payments
There is no risk for fraud or chargebacks involved in the world of Bitcoin and digital currency. Plus, there is no sensitive payment information changing hands when completing a Bitcoin payment. All in all, Bitcoin is far more secure for global …
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Backdoors Affect Bitcoin ATMs and ATMs Alike
Criminals all over the world already target regular ATMs, so, perhaps thinking that the amateur-nature of Bitcoin could make such ATMs susceptible, bugs and malware have been designed for a Bitcoin ATM. Russian security firm malware researchers at a …
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Suspected members of Bitcoin extortion group DD4BC arrested
European law enforcement has arrested and detained two alleged members of a hacking group linked to DDoS attacks and Bitcoin extortion, DD4BC. Europol says the investigation, under the name Operation Pleiades, led to the arrest of one main target and …
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