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Bitcoin Price Advancing Steadily Towards $370 – Formulating An Atypical

December 1st, 2015 | by BTC News
<b>Bitcoin</b> Price Advancing Steadily Towards $370 – Formulating An Atypical <b>…</b>

Science Fiction section of Glen Park Library where Ross Ulbricht aka Dread Pirate Robert arrested allegedly for running the Silk Road website
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Image by Steve Rhodes
Not because he was looking at Heinlein, but because he provably was sitting at one of the tables with his #laptop

17 of these photos are available at…

And 6 at Corbis including…

He was arrested October 1, 2013…

(has links to the criminal complaints which I used to find most of the places to photograph and a video interview of Ross Ulbricht )……

Apparently one of his roommates on 15th st……………

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