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“Which will Love Him More?” ~ Luke 7:42

November 20th, 2015 | by BTC News
“Which will Love Him More?” ~ Luke 7:42

A few nice bitcoin gift card images I found:

“Which will Love Him More?” ~ Luke 7:42
bitcoin gift card
Image by Art4TheGlryOfGod
"Are you grateful for God’s mercy and grace?

The Lord Jesus sets us free to love others whole-heartedly as He loves and to serve with a generous and grateful spirit. Through the gift of his Holy Spirit He gives us a servant’s heart that seeks to put the interests and concerns of others ahead of our own personal interests. Jesus is our model…"

"Lord Jesus, fill my heart with Love and Gratitude for the mercy You have shown to me. Give me Freedom and Joy in Loving and Serving Others with a Generous Spirit."


File name – Gratitude – DSC_9222 View from the Edge NR ClSmult Anne efct Radiance tag1200

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