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The Dark Web – The Bitcoin Slang Market

November 20th, 2015 | by BTC News
The Dark Web – The <b>Bitcoin</b> Slang Market

The Dark Web – The Bitcoin Slang Market
Huge marketplaces are still available such as AlphaBay and Dream Market where you can buy drugs, guns, replicas, counterfeited passports and malicious software. You can also hire a hacker or buy someone to launch a DDoS attack for you on Alphabay.
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An ETF That Invested in Bitcoin Has Been Having a Nice Few Weeks
ETFs can’t currently buy Bitcoin directly. ARK instead added 1,100 shares, worth $ 33,000, in Bitcoin Investment Trust to its Web X.0 fund in September. ARK has since boosted those holdings, and the fund now owns 3,786 shares. Those were worth $ 204,444 …
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Judge Judy Takes on Bitcoin Case in New TV Episode
He claimed that had been scammed by someone who claimed to want to buy bitcoins from him. The bank account information that he provided, he said, was later used to solicit funds from Haahr. As a result, it appeared on paper that his bank account was …
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Big Mac Index for Bitcoin
The Economist, back in 1986, created the ‘Big Mac Index’ to measure the value currencies in separate economies, showing how much currency it takes to buy a specific item (in this case a Big Mac) in different countries. This gives a better idea of the …
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