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The Disappointment and Promise of Bitcoin in 2015

February 8th, 2015 | by BTC News
The Disappointment and Promise of Bitcoin in 2015

The Disappointment and Promise of Bitcoin in 2015

An overview of where Bitcoin disappointed us, and where it may still succeed if we all decide to throw some of our support behind it as I’ve happily done — …



  1. avatar Vention1MGTOW says:

    Nasty business we’ve got going on right now. Looks like one or more people
    are pretty disgusted by the low price and they’re bailing out. The price
    has dropped below 300 now. It was 290 a few minutes ago. I think they call
    this “capitulation”. I’m disgusted too but I’m holding on. Man I really had
    my ass handed to me by bitcoin in 2014. It would have been better if I
    never even heard of bitcoin until today.
    Still, the network is growing. +GamersGoneTech says 45% of all bitcoin
    transactions took place in 2014, and during last year merchant adoption
    advanced very well. But demand for bitcoin just couldn’t keep up with the
    supply. Too many btc created and too many coming onto the market due to
    merchant transactions overwhelmed the demand and pushed the price down.
    The price hasn’t hit 300 for an hour now so this doesn’t look like a
    temporary dip. I think we’re headed for the low 200’s now.
    That said, I’m still long term bullish on bitcoin. I’m holding tight. Even
    though it’s painful to watch this, I’m holding on.

  2. avatar Ivor Thomas says:

    The liquidity pool of Bitcoin is tiny, and yet its design is very
    threatening to those tiresome *rent seeking bastards*, so it is not
    conspiracy theory to think they wouldn’t manipulate Bitcoin’s price. They
    manipulate EVERYTHING! That’s what they do. So what do we do about it? The
    Bitcoin network is completely open and inclusive and said manipulation
    cannot stop developers from creating killer apps that enable a parallel
    economy based on fairness and the funding of all things *worthy* from the
    ground-up. As long as we keep doing that, Bitcoin will succeed–and sooner
    than we think. Bitcoin only has to survive and keep on innovating and we
    win. David, keep up the good shit… +ChangeTip $1.00

  3. avatar Swapster .com says:

    Isn’t about 25% of the entire Bitcoin currency in existence right now OWNED
    BY HACKERS? Sounds like a great economy. Bitcoin is dead. The protocol
    should be improved upon and a new currency should have a better way to be
    distributed so we don’t create a new class of oligarchs and thieves (as we
    have with Bitcoin should it actually take off and rise in value).

  4. avatar kennyvii says:

    Hey, don’t forget how the rise in price enriched just the right people
    to fund a huge capital flow INTO Bitcoin investment. As someone who
    learned about Bitcoin during the bubble (I bought in at $875 each), I
    regret nothing. 

  5. avatar c4p0ne says:

    I’ve probably distributed about five-thousand fiat-rag dollars worth of BTC
    to friends and even strangers in the last year. Now, even though I will
    never see that money again, I consider it to be one of the *best*
    investments I could possibly make as an individual who isn’t struggling in
    terms of rag-paper. It’s an investment in a better economic future for

    It’s about getting Bitcoin into as many hands as humanly possible and
    showing them how, and where they can use it. This isn’t “losing” money,
    it’s helping the network germinate so that it may eventually bloom. *THE
    is a long, bumpy road. Perhaps up to a decade.

    I can understand if you’re financially struggling, but the message I give
    to those such as myself who are not: Find and vet new people to give BTC
    to. Civilization isn’t going to get the crops it’s expecting on
    insufficient seeding. The more people that get their hands on BTC and
    *actively* use it, the sooner the price will start to balance out and begin
    rising again. And the better chances the network will have absorbing
    punishment when avarice-filled hoarders start dumping.

  6. avatar targetpro says:

    Quality of commentary suggests a weak understanding of the issues at hand.

    In regard to “…Bitcoin disappointing us…” speak for yourself. I’ve
    been hoping a significant price drop would occur enabling more college kids
    to enter the space at cheaper rates. Furthermore, the protocol has so many
    pressing issues at hand, a price decline at this time is helpful to
    mitigate media and political pressures. And for those who bought into BTC
    looking to make a quick buck in a year or two, well bitcoin’s volatility
    has been no secret since day one. It’s ludicrous to expect a positive ROI
    on something like bitcoin in under 3-4 years. If you get it, then great.
    But if you don’t, don’t be disappointed.

  7. avatar hallerd says:

    Disappointed with the price? Tip more and help boost adoption! $1 +ChangeTip

  8. avatar John Doe says:

    Tech enthusiasts are always so naive…

  9. avatar Be A Shelter says:

    There is so much more to bitcoin than the price. If anything bitcoin got
    off to a rocky start in 2014 with the Gox fiasco. But the last 6-8 months
    have been great for the development overall. VC funding is blowing up,
    merchant adoption is on the rise, remittance channels are being formed,
    even municipalities are beginning to accept it for payment. I’m excited!
    Once the price begins ticking up I expect more people will actually spend
    their bitcoins. The only real thing I could see causing real damage to the
    movement is regulation, even then they are only slowing it down. Just keep
    calm and Bitcoin on! It’s going to be an amazing ride! 

  10. avatar Timothy Retter says:

    The government would be fixed if more issues went to the voter population
    instead of having elected officials deal with referendum. So the basic idea
    would be to have voting pools – exactly like how registering to vote would
    currently works – but with more options on what your registering into, and
    then having a lottery system select a very small number of people to
    statistically represent the population efficiently – who can then meet up
    in a court like setting, where politicians make their campaign to be
    elected much like convincing a jurror whether to vote innocent or guilty –
    but with as many options as potential candidates emerge from primaries….

  11. avatar AaronIsNeato (Ainn/Ain) says:

    If anyone wants to give away their “worthless” bitcoins, feel free to
    donate lmao.

  12. avatar Dwight Frost says:

    Investment advice between pizza deliveries…

  13. avatar Avalon Erupter says:

    love the point you make about other people making decisions on USD etc
    behind closed doors…..
    compared to BTC.. open source, decentralized, etc.

  14. avatar Nemesis Tyrant says:

    Wake up, tool. Bitcoin is the NWO coin, not fungible, not anonymous, its
    dangerous if gets to mainstream, stop being a tool and be informed about

  15. avatar Eric Evans says:

    Good video +David Seaman thanks for sharing +ChangeTip 

  16. avatar Timothy Retter says:

    By having the meetings take place in a court room – politicians if found to
    be telling blatant lies, would be committing perjury. It fixes the issue of
    the general public needing to be knowledgeable, and trades a guaranteed
    right to vote for the chance in an election to become educated by
    politicians in order to make the case for their election. No need to
    convince the masses means that political spending gets minimized.

  17. avatar crouchingmole says:

    I was disappointed when you gave up on bitcoin and had a hissy fit. Let’s
    hope 2015 is better… :-)

  18. avatar Jñānam Jason Gan says:

    2.42 Dredd. Judge. Jury. Executioner.

  19. avatar Kami Brooks says:

    We did get hover board… it fully funded on kickstarter at

  20. avatar Lu Hoffma says:

    we lost all our bitcoins because we got hacked, in 2013 like many others.

  21. avatar Keith Tom says:

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  22. avatar Free Housing Project says:

    I like you….

  23. avatar Timothy Retter says:

    furthermore, nothing has to be changed in the constitution. It would fall
    under creating a electoral college, which there aren’t rules about – which
    is why the current system is allowed in the first place

  24. avatar Bitcoinmoney cat says:

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