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How to setup USB Asic Miner Red Fury bitcoin miner 2.2~2.7 GH/s with cgminer

February 9th, 2015 | by BTC News
How to setup USB Asic Miner Red Fury bitcoin miner 2.2~2.7 GH/s with cgminer

This will show you how to setup Red/Blue Fury USB miners with cgminer. You will need to download zadig driver installer from here: Red …
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  1. avatar Eyeboot says:

    Raspberry Pi Model B+ (new version with 4 usb ports) Mini Computer/Mining
    Controller, Buy here now:
    Eyeboot (Cheaper)

  2. avatar Eyeboot says:

    Daniel Rockwell, the new twin chip can mine any SHA256 coin such as
    bitcoin, namecoin, zetacoin, ppcoin, etc

  3. avatar adam kimm says:

    download for cg miner? I can only find 3.7.2

  4. avatar Eyeboot says:

    To use cgminer you must install winUSB driver using zadig driver

  5. avatar Markowich says:

    How much money can you approximately make a month with 1 Red Fury?..

  6. avatar casanova1012 says:

    Hey mate. I had to switch computers to mine.
    The latest bfg miner (4.5.0) doesnt seem to support bitfurys. Is that

  7. avatar TheRc900 says:


  8. avatar danny brown says:

    what is USB Asic Miner Red Fury bitcoin miner 2.2~2.7 GH/s??

  9. avatar casanova1012 says:

    which cg miner r u using? i have the most up to date version, all its doing
    is recognizing my GPU. I;ve followed your instructions to the t

  10. avatar sic semper tyrannus says:

    this is awesome. thx for sharing. 

  11. avatar Lloyd Black says:

    The instruction in this video didn’t work for mine at all. I’m having
    serious problems getting my system to connect with the Red Fury miner. The
    device shows up as ATmega32U2 DFU and all the mining apps I try don’t see
    it at all. I already changed the driver. Does ANYONE know how to work with
    this damned thing?

  12. avatar RIZA UTKU BATIRALP says:

    Hello, is an USB 2.0 HUB has enough bandwith for 10 devices? or should i
    use an USB 3.0? It looks like you use USB 3.0 HUBs. Coz i have a project
    with 30 AsicMiners which i want to divide them to 3 USB hubs, and i just
    want to use one of my old laptop for mining. (quiet and electricity
    efficent solution).

  13. avatar Daniel Rockwell says:

    I was wondering what are the coins that can be mined with the new twin

  14. avatar casanova1012 says:

    Thanks mate

  15. avatar Jon B says:

    is it possible to hook up 9 of these to a raspberry pi and acquire any sort
    of a profit???

  16. avatar Tyler McClain says:

    alot of miners, mutch money

  17. avatar ThePhoneshots says:

    how much money would you rock in with around 4 of these red fury.

  18. avatar brandonrulz11 says:

    hey eyeboot I just bought one of these knowing nothing about bitcoin. so I
    was wondering if we could Skype or something and explain how to set
    everything up. thanks

  19. avatar TheNEOSfan says:

    Hi, i got a problem: After starting the .bat it shows up for maybe a half
    second and then it close. What did i wrong? Hope you can help me thx :)

  20. avatar Jack Tey says:

    as it can use cgminer, i can mine litecoin with this too?

  21. avatar blkinvestor says:


  22. avatar AMERICAN GOOSO says:

    Hey, I’ve downloaded the correct driver and tried to use the red fury along
    with my other miners with bitminter, but the redfury isn’t showing up.
    while the other asics are. Any ideas on why this is?

  23. avatar Gr33nMamba says:

    I’ve just ordered and acquired one of these, it certainly gets warm, do you
    consider all those safe and happy with just the passive cooling? I’m
    running on my W7 rig at the moment, but managed to pickup a Raspberry Pi
    free so I’ll be looking to switch to that with a USB powered hub, perhaps
    add more later on.

  24. avatar Rebecca Wiles says:

    I am a complete novice- when it comes to bitcoin mining and I
    have read everything on the internet sites about it. I know I got to buy a
    new computer to start with because my Dell is now 8 years old and still
    running XP. never crashed though,lol. My only question is this- When I
    buy a new computer will a computer with 16mb and 750 watts of power
    accomodate a red fury USB miner? Thanks for any advise on this- Rebecca!

  25. avatar Goran Dovecar says:

    can you use it on raspberry pi?

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