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How to setup Rockminer New R-Box 110-130 Gh/s Bitcoin Miner using cgminer

February 19th, 2015 | by BTC News
How to setup Rockminer New R-Box 110-130 Gh/s Bitcoin Miner using cgminer

This video will teach you how setup Rockminer New R-Box 100-110 Gh/s Bitcoin miner using cgminer. cgminer download link…


Here’s a quick look at the 500 GH/s mini-rig from butterfly labs with its case opened up and currently mining.
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  1. avatar Eyeboot says:

    Mustafa Şengül,

    You can watch the video here to find out how to setup with raspberry pi:

    Same procedure but with the old r-box.

  2. avatar Eyeboot says:

    Raspberry Pi Model B+ (new version with 4 usb ports) Mini Computer/Mining
    Controller, Buy here now:
    Eyeboot (Cheaper)

  3. avatar DeadPistolsBrainGerms says:

    This is a great miner to start off with! I just got it and it’s working
    great! Thank you for the video! I’ll see how this goes! 

  4. avatar PandaRepublic says:

    Lol you can buy one of these and get a small monitor and can go to a hotel
    and while ur on vacation you can just plug it in at ur hotel ;D or live in
    a apartment that pays ur electricity. LOL 

  5. avatar Argus El Grande says:

    Hi again.
    I have a few questions about this R-BOX.
    1) Is it supported by BFGMiner?
    2) Can be used for SOLO mining with a wallet (SHA256 coin) in server mode?

  6. avatar TheBfa54 says:

    do i need a dc psu?

  7. avatar JDAG88PY says:

    How many btc produce per day,week and month this product?

  8. avatar Argus El Grande says:

    Hi everybody.

    I recently purchased one of these R-Box 110-130 Gh/s units on Ebay (not
    from Eyeboot). I know that due to currently Bitcoin difficulty and many
    other more powerful ASIC’s, this may be obsolete, but the price was good
    and wanted to get one for curiosity and testing.

    The hash rate varies between 120 and 135 Gh/s with no apparent heating but
    there are some things that would be improved:

    1) Terribly noisy, seem that the fans always work to the maximum speed.
    It’s impossible to use it in a normal house without fuc* the neighbors 🙁
    2) The micro USB cord is too short, making it necessary to have the device
    near the computer.
    3) A switch for turn on/off the power would be welcome…

  9. avatar Nicholai Chev says:

    Thanks for the review, purchased one today after seeing it.

  10. avatar Aaron Taylor says:

    for some reason it is only mining at 300-900mhs for me I need help

  11. avatar Julio Cesar Pk says:

    how about this miner, how long regained roi? and the difficulty that so?

  12. avatar Mustafa Şengül says:

    how to connect with raspberry pi ?
    please help me. thank you.

  13. avatar Patizzi69 says:

    Will these work on a Raspberry PI with MINEPEON as the operating system –
    BFG miner as default?

  14. avatar StuttgartHD says:

    why the company sell the miners?
    just run by yourself and earn money 

  15. avatar Hakan Senguen says:

    Whats your DIP settings from the powersupply? Example: OC 1600Watt, 100%
    Fan and other.

  16. avatar Mike Calce says:

    What torx did you use to open the case?

  17. avatar Greg Polymerou says:

    I saw there is card from Butterfly Labs with 600GH/s. Is this real? 

  18. avatar brianstacync says:

    if i was going to spend $5k on a mining rig, why not just spend the money
    on buying the coins

    if its obsolete in 6 months or a year, how many coins will a 2TH cointerra
    rig make in that timeframe?

    wtf am i missing?

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